In our experience, one of the most significant drivers of recovery is the quality of care. The WorkWell program is designed to ensure injured workers receive the best care available.  By relying on WorkWell’s carefully selected network of qualified providers, we strive to avoid unnecessary testing or treatments that miss the mark. With the WorkWell program, injured workers are directed to qualified physicians who share our goal to produce the best possible outcomes. 

Priority scheduling

The physicians on the WorkWell provider panels have agreed to get injured workers seen quickly through priority scheduling, allowing them to evaluate workers within 48 hours of the work-related injury, and most often on the day of the injury. While other patients are waiting weeks to get appointments, doctors in the WorkWell network are already treating your company's injured workers. 

Patient experience

In addition to priority scheduling, WorkWell doctors follow treatment guidelines and communicate critical information to the care managers through the secure WorkWell website.  By keeping all of the information in an easy to access, secure portal, your adjusters will be able to make faster and more informed decisions. WorkWell is designed to create a better experience and a faster recovery for injured workers by accessing a customized care delivery network.