Absentia® helps your company eliminate obstacles to help get injured workers back to work and back to life.



We help your company identify its high risk claims with the ID15® behavioral risk assessment. The true value of predictive technology is realized when we combine early identification with effective intervention. 



Our registered nurses work to accelerate care management around the behavioral barriers and keep all parties engaged in recovery.




We impact injured workers by creating a shorter path to recovery. And, when we help to reduce claim duration and unnecessary care, we help your company save money.

We identify which claims are high risk based on the behavioral characteristics of the injured worker.


Without the ID15® process, your company might be noticing that some claims seem to spin out of control for no apparent reason. The ID15 behavioral risk prediction tool not only identifies these claims early, but we give you a roadmap to navigate the obstacles.  ID15 starts with an interactive process between our nurses and the injured worker. We have conversations with the doctor, the employer and the injured worker to get all of the details from every angle. Then, we use the ID15 process to determine the risk score. Once we identify a high-risk claim, we immediately start working with the injured worker to remove barriers and find the best path back to work and life.


A transparent pharmacy benefit model can help reduce costs.



This “true cost” program passes on substantial prescription savings to your company. We rely on our pharmacy partners to manage prescription drug utilization without markups, saving your company on prescription drug costs compared to other pharmacy benefit models (PBM)s.


ID15 Proactive Reduction of Opioids (ID15PRO) is an assertive, physician-directed approach to disrupt the prescription cycle when pharmaceutical pain management is not medically supported.


Early and assertive care management helps produce a positive impact.



Our care management model focuses on the human element of behavior and motivation from our very first interaction with the injured worker. Our nurses are trained to overcome barriers and engage the injured worker in a positive journey of recovery. We'll manage the care long enough to set the pace but not long enough to wear out our welcome. Our nurses work with the injured worker during the most critical first 30 days. If you need us a little longer, just ask. We specialize in creative solutions to keep the process moving and navigate around barriers that may hold an injured worker back from recovering and returning to work.


We rely on WorkWell to improve and expedite the quality of medical care for the injured employee. WorkWell has handpicked physicians across the country who all have one primary focus - to consistently deliver positive outcomes by providing medical care that follows evidence-based guidelines. Injured workers should not be subjected to unnecessary testing or treatments that don't work. The physicians treat injured workers utilizing evidenced-based medicine. We do everything we can to keep the care delivery moving forward by using WorkWell’s priority scheduling to reduce wait times and to get patients seen quickly. By shortening the care cycle and selecting physicians who strive to deliver the best outcomes, this process is designed to reduce the duration of workers' compensation claims and return injured workers back to health and back to work.


Reduce future absences with integrity testing.


With SelectRite's use of integrity testing, we can help identify applicants with the qualities your company values. By helping to focus on the most qualified workers, integrity testing can reduce future absences by as much as 30%*.

*Merchants Information Solutions, Inc.

We find return-to-work options for employees with restricted duty.


It's frustrating when an injured worker is released to return to work, but your company is unable to handle the necessary job restrictions. This is why we developed a national network of nonprofits to provide alternative light duty work options. Workers stay engaged and have an opportunity to give back to their community. The positions are closely monitored and are considered bona fide offers of employment in most states.