Where to Find Us Next

Here’s where the Absentia team is headed next …

May 16

Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Symposium

Brooklyn Park, MN - May 16, 2019- Event details


May 16

Central Ohio Self-Insurer’s Association Dinner Meeting

Columbus, OH - May 16, 2019 - Event details

May 22 May 21-23

Workers’ Compensation Association of Nebraska Wisconsin Council of Self Insurers Annual Luncheon Meeting

Lincoln, NE - May 22, 2019- Event details Lake Geneva, WI - May 21-23, 2019- Event details

13% Reduction in Severity

“We endeavored to create consistency in our claims intake and triage process, and at the same time identify high-risk claims early so that we could apply exposure-mitigating solutions in a timely manner.  After two years of partnership with Absentia, we did just that - leveraging the ID15 solution.  We also experienced a 13% severity reduction when we compared 2 years of claims data during the Absentia partnership to the previous 2 years of claims data – a significant return on our investment.  Needless to say, our partnership continues.”

— Executive Director of Workers’ Compensation Trust

A Caring Nurse

I just wanted to thank you for all your help through this. I feel you’re the only one advocating for me. I really appreciate it... Again thank you.

— Injured Insured, an Insurance Company Client

Expect More

“FNCM (Field Nurse Case Management) performance was excellent, great communication and prompt reporting.”

— Claims Representative, an Insurance Company Client