At Absentia®, we understand that in certain workplaces, accommodation of restrictions is not always possible. We created PlaceRite to help find alternative light duty positions outside of your workplace. We'll locate volunteer opportunities within the employee's restrictions at one of our nonprofit partners, which allows the employee to remain engaged in the recovery process while transitioning back to full duty and reduces lost work days.

Existing Clients: Submit PlaceRite Referral

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Alternative return-to-work options

PlaceRite is a great way to keep employees engaged in work even if your company can't accommodate temporary restrictions. With PlaceRite's national network of nonprofit organizations, we will place the injured worker in an assignment that not only accommodates the employee's physical restrictions but gives them an opportunity to be productive.  

PlaceRite is designed to keep the injured employee engaged with the ultimate goal of shortening the disability duration and getting the injured worker back to work without restrictions, all while providing meaningful work and giving back to the community.

Many of our clients have reported the following benefits:

  • Supplement or substitute for in-house return-to-work program
  • Demonstrates concern for the injured workers
  • Positive public relations and community tax credits
  • Supplement or substitute for in-house return-to-work program


Take a closer look at what we've accomplished. Results from Absentia's internal tracking show: 

  • 94% placement success rate in 2016 and 2017
  • Transitional duty assignments located within 1-7 business days
  • Assignments usually end within 90 days

Industry research supports the benefits of services like Absentia's: 

  • The RAND Institute of Civil Justice concluded having a return to work program in place is associated with a 3.6 week reduction in time away from work.
  • The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found research has shown the odds of returning to full employment drop 50% after six months of absence.

The PlaceRite process

Submit a referral online

Existing clients can complete the online PlaceRite Referral Form (passcode required. If you are an existing client and do not have your passcode, please contact us at Once you have submitted a referral, our team will work on identifying a nonprofit organization that can accommodate the injured employee’s restrictions within the state-mandated criteria.

Getting the employee to work

Once we’ve identified an appropriate return-to-work option, we will send the sample job offer letter to the employer or claim handler to be forwarded to the injured worker. We'll also provide time cards and driving directions from the injured worker’s home to the nonprofit location.

Continued follow up

Absentia® will also conduct an attendance call to the nonprofit on the first day and make subsequent follow-up calls every week. Placements are identified for most injured employees within 1-7 business days of the referral being made. Additionally, we can add locations to our network based on the employer’s needs at no additional charge.