Care Management


At Absentia Solutions, we firmly believe that early intervention is critical, and we view every new claim through this lens. We also have deep experience handling those tough, high-risk files no matter where they are in the recovery process, whether the injury just happened or the claim has been active for some time.  

We've been working these high-risk complex claims for over 30 years with impressive results.

Soft tissue injuries that aren't progressing toward recovery?

Prolonged physical therapy that's exceeding treatment guidelines?

Complicated injuries making it difficult to find job accommodations?

This is what we do.

The Absentia Solutions team can customize our care plans based on each injured employee's unique biopsychosocial characteristics.  Our holistic approach focuses on the human element of behavior and motivation. Looking deeper into each person's situation and combining with our experience and data helps us drive an effective, timely and sustained return to work plan and maximum medical improvement.

Whenever you need us, we're here - whether at the onset of an injury or once the file is more developed. Contact us today and let us help get your injured employees back to work.